Monday, July 18, 2011

3 More Blog Awards

Claudia over at My Creative Corner was so kind as to give me 3 wonderful blog awards. Yes you read right...I said 3. And here they are...Awesome, Eh?

Now the way this works is I have to tell my blog readers 7 things about me and then pass them on to other blogging friends. Now lets see...
  1. I've have 2 wonderful kids named Destiny and Shane.
  2. My birthday is on May 7 and I am 24 years old.
  3. I am a perfectionist. When crafting I want my work to turn out perfect. Otherwise I try and try again until it actually is.
  4. I'm a computer freak. I understand quite a bit about installing windows and any other program.
  5. I love animals. Before I got married I had a border around my room with pictures of animals. My favorite is the Wolf
  6. I would love to see the Rockies some day. I never travel so I've never gotten the chance
  7. I love working in the vegetable garden but I don't like flower. It might sound weird but that's the way it is.
I sure wish I could pass these award on to more fabulous gals but the limit is 7 so her goes.
  1. May Britt - May Brits Hobbyblogg
  2. Regena - Butterflies and Flowers
  3. Jacque - Jacque's Joie de Vivre
  4. Diana - Moshies Moments
  5. Marlene - Disguised As A Grown-Up
  6. Monica - Handmade Card With Love
  7. Donna - Bearly Mine Designs
Now before I go I have some blog candy to tell you all about. Jacque is celebrating her Birthday and she is giving away some fabulous blog candy to celebrate. Head on over to her blog and wish her the best. You won't be disappointing. Ends: July 31


  1. Thank you bunches and bunches, sweetie!!! I appreciate your thinking of me with the awards and I also really appreciate your mentioning my SWEET STUFF!! Big hugs!! Jacque

  2. Thanks so much, Rosalee. You are a sweetie. And congrats to you for getting those awards. Lucky you and lucky me as well.
    xxx Monica

  3. thanks so much for thinking of me again!

    You're only 24?!! Wow! You're young enough to be my daughter! LOL!!!


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