Friday, April 15, 2011

"Need Help!!!" Please Read!!!!!!

Hey there peeps... its been a while since I've dona post but you won't have to wait much longer...I promise I'll get a post up soon with one of my creations.

I have to ask you guys for some help. My youngest sister Jessica (16) was in a farming accident at a meat shop and she cut of 3 of her fingers at the first joint. This happened about 2.5 weeks ago. At first the doctors thought they might be able to save one of them but as it turns out, the finger that they had tried to fix had to be removed surgically yesterday.
She's doing OK but I feel sorry for the poor dear and I thought that maybe if she received some cards from far and wide it would make her feel better. If you are interested in sending her a card please email me (sidebar) and I will send her address to you. Just so you know she is from Canada.
Thanks too all of you in advance. Hugs, from Rosalee


  1. I'm linking to this on my recent post, so hopefully it will help!!

  2. Poor little love, ofcourse we would love to help. We'll email you now.

    Take care
    Rachel and Angela

  3. What a bad accident Roselee the fingers of your yongers sister.
    I will mail you now and I will send your sister a card.
    Many regards from Lida

  4. oh wow that's not good,
    i tried to get ur email from the sidebar but for some reason it doesn't work, if u could send me urs, i'd love to send her a card, mine's,,, thanks


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