Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Scrap Corner

I believe its about time that I show you all my scraproom...where I do most of my crafting. I didn't have room on the main floor of my house so I had to set something up in the husband helped me do all the heavy lifting, I had to do a huge amount of cleaning up in order to take some pics where it looks at least decent. Its not too bad, nice and cozy but I do wish however that there weren't any eaves coming down all over the place but what can you do.

Over At Really Reasonable Ribbon they are having a ribbon organizing giveaway. This here is where I keep my ribbon. I saw a ribbon rack just like this one on a blog somewhere and thought it was the coolest idea ever. Once I showed my father-in-law a picture he offered to try and make myself one. Its a little bigger then I hoped for but good enough. When it comes to crafting I prefer plain ribbon. I'm not much for the printed stuff. Although I have a couple of rolls of it I don't think I'll ever use it but you never know I might just surprise myself one day.

I also have a drawer full of scraps of ribbon. Not all of it is scraps though. In this drawer I prefer to keep pieces that are 1 yard or less. I recieved most of this ribbon for blog candy that I won and from friends. Its not all that often that I find myself at the drawer looking for certain colors.

These here are my paper racks. I bought the one on the top for $20 online and the one on the bottom is another work of art by my father-in-law. I really appreciate all he's made for me so far to keep my scraproom in order.

I've never seen a good way to store punches and if any of my blog readers see this it would be great to get some advice. Right now I have them lying on one of the shelves in my desk. I don't have too many so its ok for now.

I also saw a great storage idea online for clear stamps. All one needs to do is take apart a CD case and place them in. Just did mine yesterday and I love the idea.

And Last but not least...
I am a huge fan of Adhesive Rhinestones. They are infact my favorite embellishments. I was debating on how I could keep them all in one place without having to deal with too much so I decided to make a book and tape the sheets in using double sided tape. I used laminated paper so that they could easily be removed and when one sheet is done you just take out the empty one and replace it. I have 3 sheets full right now but decided to show only one cause to many photo's to get through.

Whoo....finally done. This has got to be the longest blog post I have ever posted. Thanks for all your patience and for all your lovely comments. Will be seeing you again soon with some new posts. Hugs and God Bless.


  1. Wat een super mooie scrspksmer heb jij
    en wat zal je daar met plezier scrappen

    gr hetty

  2. Looks like a great space....well organized, too!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing... such a sane place to work in... you should look at my art room - never a moment without a mess! Lol!

    The ribbon storage is great and so is the wooden one for flat papers. What a great FIL you have... would love to borrow him! Hehe!
    Happy crafting in your new haven.

    xxx Monica

  4. You are so very lucky to have a beautiful scrap and stamp room. It is so roomy and white. I have as much space but it's in a dark unfinished basement. I wish there was a way to make my room pretty.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Sunflowers and Dragonflies. Your name has been entered into the contest.

  5. What a great craft area! You certainly have some great organizational items that I am drooling over! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What an awesome scrapping area you have! Your ribbon looks fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing your ribbon organization idea with your friends at Really Reasonable Ribbon!


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